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The Cabin of the Stars can accommodate up to 2/3 people, it has scented rooms, finely decorated and heated.
General: Internet Wifi in all the complex.
Kitchen: Fridge, microwave oven, coffee brewer, air extractor, iron, kitchen utensils complete for 2/3 people. Inbuilt cupboards with tea, coffee, mate tea, sugar, etc.
Safety: Fire alarm, fire extinguishers, medical emergency service included.
Living/Dining room:
Cable TV, DVD, sofa, table and chairs for 2/3 people, breakfast table and stools.
Bedrooms(2): Cable TV, spring mattresses, quality sheets, bedspreads and blankets. Inbuilt cupboards in each bedroom.
* Each bedroom can be fitted with a double bed , or three single beds.
Bathroom: complete with bath, hair dryer and tumbledryer.
Extras: Tourist information to program your outings.
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Tierra Mística Cabins - Gobernador Deloqui 429 - Tel/Fax (54) 02901 - 423092 - Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina
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