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Hoteles Ushuaia


vuelos ushuaia

  u$s (Dólares) $ (Pesos Argentinos)
2 pax per day (1 room) 115 1690
3 pax per day (1 room) 150 1950
3/4 pax per day (2 rooms) 200 2850
5 pax per day (2 rooms) 230 3200
6 pax per day (2 rooms) 270 3750

Note: Rates in Argentine pesos are valid for residents of Mercosur.
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vuelos a ushuaia

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Tierra Mística Cabins - Gobernador Deloqui 429 - Tel/Fax (54) 02901 - 423092 - Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - Argentina